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Review of Geetha movie 2022

Review of Geetha movie 2022

Are you a person who watches movies by checking its rating? Most people these days will only watch movies if it has a good rating and review. But others watch movies of certain film stars based on their liking. The Geetha will be your best choice if you are looking for a top-rated Telugu movie. It is an exciting film with a story containing crime, mystery, thriller, etc.

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The cast of Geetha

Viswa Rao directs the movie Geetha under the production company Grand Movies. The important cast members of this movie are Hebah Patel as Geetha, Sunil as C I Saradhi, Rakm Karthik, Sai Kiran, Prudhvi Raj, and Saptagiri.

The story of the movie Geetha

The story of this movie revolves around the character Geetha who is a dumb orphan, presently working forward to help other orphan children. She and her friend Valli who is also an orphan, tries to encourage people to adopt orphan children. They find some orphan children missing in the next part of the story. Later they get some information regarding Bhagwan, who is doing business with orphan children’s organs.

The next part of the story is about Geetha and C I Saradhi trying to get rid of the child organ mafia. It involves Geetha struggling to reveal the villain’s true identity, wherein she also loses her friend’s life and risks her own life.

The review of Geetha

The movie Geetha – 2022 has got positive reviews from all the viewers. The film’s excellent storyline will keep the viewers encouraged until its end. Apart from that, the role of Hebah Patel as a dumb orphan has caught the attention of many audiences. The movie has received a good IMDb rating of 8.7 out of 10. Thus, it is one of the latest top-rated movies in Telugu.

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